All Glass and Aluminum Seat Frames (no wood)
Top High Quality Marine Vinyls with U. V. Inhibitors
High Density Marine Foam on all seats
Stainless Steel Staples
Stitched Logo's on Seats
Carpet 20 oz. U. V. Protected Marine Grade

3808 County Road 919

Crowley ,TX 76036


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Liberator Boats

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Gel Coats are NPG Isothelic with built in U.V. Inhibitors
Hand Laminated using a Special Blend Isothelic Resin
Deck and Hull are skinned with a 1 oz. cloth hand laid to prevent print-through
Deck is fully Core matted
All trim Color-Keyed and Power Coated

Liberator Boats

3808 County Road 919

Crowley, TX 76036